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Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions of Travel


25% deposit is required at the time of booking your tour, with the 25% amount due no later than 30 days prior to departure. In general touring, the remaining 50% amount can be deposited during or after the tour but before it comes to an end. Failure to adhere to the payment policy may result in the cancellation of your booking. Please note: Latest payment policies are available on request from our Customer Service Team.


Himachal Vacation Travels and Adventure realizes that most people who cancel their reservations do so out of necessity or emergency. Nevertheless, cancellations are costly to administer and involve dedicated staff time, communications costs and advance purchased bills. Therefore, all cancellations would be charged the following fees:

  • Before 30 days: 25% of the tour cost
  • 30 - 15 days: 40% of the tour cost
  • 14 - 7 days: 80% of the tour cost
  • 6 - 3 days 90% of the tour cost
  • 2 - 0 days 100% of the tour cost

If you fail to join a tour, join it after departure, or leave it prior to its completion, no refund can be made. The above cancellation fees are in addition to fees which may be levied by accommodation house properties, travel agents or third party tour and transport operator cancellation fees.


Customers shall have to pay 100% of the flight ticket charges in advance to book them air ticket. However, they will pay for the rest of the tour according to above mentioned PAYMENT POLICY. Refund for cancellation of flight tickets would be made according to the airline policies.


In case of a booking alteration, such as change of destination, date or number of persons travelling, Himachal Vacation Travels and Adventure and our third party tour operators, reserve the right to charge a fee where applicable.


All the travellers are needed to carry valid photo id along with them. Travellers from abroad are need to carry passport, visa and valid travelling documents. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage. The Aboriginal components of our tours are subject to cultural conditions. Participants may be absent due to cultural commitments with minimal prior notification and we reserve the right to amend the itinerary in these circumstances with no obligation to refund.


Travel insurance in not included in the tour price. However the same can be done on request at an extra cost.


Children 5 years and under (1 child per room) shall not be charged. Children aged 6 to 11 years would be charged 35% of the cost (of parents). Children/adult of 12 years or above in age would be liable to pay the full tour cost.


Himachal Vacation Travels and Adventure highly recommend its customers to consult medical officer/doctor before bringing children below 2 years of age along with them. Those who are suffering from asthma, heart diseases or high altitude sickness should also consult their doctors. Individual requests may be considered on a case by case basis.


To make payment and know the bank details, please call +91-9418-336677 or email at himachalvacation@gmail.com


Code of Ethics for tourists visiting Himachal

a) As a Guest - Respect local traditions- protect local cultural- maintain local prides.

b) While taking Photographs- Respect privacy-ask permission and restraint use of flashlight for photography and filming inside National Monuments and smoking and alcohol drinking is strictly prohibited.

c) Respect Holy Place- preserve what you have come to see- never touch or remove religious objects- purchase and sale of antiques which is more than 100 years old is against the law and it attracts punishment under rules.

d) Don’t carve your initials on the wall of religious places and historical monuments and trees.

e) Keep noise levels down- especially at night or in quiet religious centres.

f) While in Mountains burn or bury all non-degradable litters-don’t expect others to clean up after you.

g) Keep stream water clean and avoid using pollutants such as detergents in stream and springs- if no toilets facilities are available- make sure are at least 30 Meter away from water source and Bury or cover waste.

h) Giving to Children encourages begging - a donation to project like Health Centre or School is a more constructive way to help.

i) Visitors who value local traditions encourage local prides and maintain local cultures-please help them to gain a realistic view of life in other parts of the World.

j) The beauty of the place and loving kinds of the people may change you but please do not change them.

Code of Ethics for tourism entrepreneurs:

a) Tourists are our respectable Guests and it costs nothing to receive with a sweet smile.

b) Tourists come to discover the land of eternal peace with serene beauty and rich cultures- share the valuable information to learn from each other.

c) Better quality environment is important for Tourism as it attracts Tourists and makes them feel at home and enjoy their stay.

d) Maintain our valued traditions of simplicity and sincerity in the services of tourists because they visit us to enjoy tours but not to sofar.

e) Have prides in the Multi-coloured lifestyle of the people and introduce tourists to our deities, ancient songs and music- arts and crafts and our family cooking, which come from our customs.

f) Whosoever goes home with nostalgia for the smile of welcome- for kindness and sincerity- will come back with friends.

Himachal Pradesh is a state in Northern India in Asia pacific. It is spread over an area of 21,495 sq mi (55,670 km2) and is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the west and south-west, Haryana and Uttarakhand on the south-east and by theTibet Autonomous Region on the east. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its abundant natural beauty. After the war between Nepal and Britain also known as Anglo-Gorkha War, the British colonial government came into power. In 1950 Himachal was declared as a union territory but after the State of Himachal Pradesh Act 1971, Himachal emerged as the 18th state of the Republic of India. Hima means snow in Sanskrit, and the literal meaning of the state's name is In the lap of Himalayas. It was named by one of the great Sanskrit scholars of Himachal Pradesh, Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma. The economy of the Himachal Pradesh is currently the third fastest growing economy in India. Himachal Pradesh has been ranked fourth in the list of the highest per capita incomes of Indian states. The abundance of perennial rivers enables Himachal to sell hydroelectricity to other states such as Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. The economy of the state is highly dependent on three sources: hydroelectric power, tourism and agriculture. Himachal Pradesh is the least urbanized state in India with nearly 90% of population living in rural area, but the Shimla district is comparatively urbanized with nearly 25% population living in an urban area. According to a 2005 Transparency International survey, Himachal Pradesh is ranked the second-least corrupt state in the country after Kerala.

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